Reformer Bootcamp
taught by: Debbie Young
Saturday, September 16, 1pm – 4pm

Perhaps because of the intentional, focused nature of the method, it is a common misperception that Pilates is not aerobic. In fact, when Pilates is practiced the way Joe intended, it is a hot, sweaty workout that moves unceasingly through the exercise orders.

In this workshop, join avid swimmer/hiker Debbie Young as she shows you how to use the Reformer to condition your body and raise your heart rate. You’ll be challenged to flow through your feel and experience the sensation of each movement informing the next. After experiencing the aerobic benefits of Pilates you’ll never want to go back!


Joe’s Method and Why It Works
taught by Jay Grimes
Sunday, September 17, 12pm – 2pm

Joe Pilates created a method of exercise to help optimize function, and minimize imbalances and asymmetry in all bodies. Jay Grimes is one of the few people alive today who learned the method directly from both Joe and Clara Pilates. Jay has spent many years reflecting on, and refining his understanding of Joe Pilates’ teachings, and he has been able to communicate this understanding to clients of all backgrounds.

In this workshop, you will learn how Jay understands Joe’s method, and why he has had so much success teaching it to his students.


Enemies of the Two-Way Stretch
taught by Barbara Stamis
Sunday, September 17, 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Over the years, Vintage Pilates has held several workshops and Teachers Clubhouses™ about the “two-way stretch”—the oppositional reach of the upper and lower body away from the strong center. Jay Grimes came up with this term to describe what he understood as one of the cornerstones of Joseph Pilates’ method.

While we may grasp the two-way stretch in theory, there can be many barriers to achieving it in practice. So, Barbara will approach this very important concept from a new angle: what are the common ways that we prevent ourselves from doing the two-way stretch? This will be an active workshop, where you will observe each other doing common Pilates exercises, then analyze how to unblock the barriers to allow for the free-flow of the two-way stretch.

***An Assessment can be done in-person, or online. Find out more about applying for THE WORK here >>
There are no refunds given but credit transfers can be arranged.
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