THE WORK is an intense graduate program for certified teachers. Directed by first generation master instructor Jay Grimes, THE WORK will give you a deep understanding of Pilates as a cohesive system, and sharpen your ability to “see beyond the exercises” to better serve your clients. It is a comprehensive program of workshops, private lessons, small group classes, and Teachers Clubhouse™ sessions, which will expose you to the Vintage Pilates philosophy, based on founder Joe Pilates’ intentions and techniques.

The program begins every January. Participants must pass their entrance assessment by the first week of November of the previous year. Please note: most participants spend a minimum of six months preparing for this assessment.

To schedule your assessment, and submit your application, please contact Teachers Program Coordinator Dena Drotar at

Deadline for Applications for the 2018 Class of THE WORK has passed.
Download the Application for THE WORK

theworkimgRequirements for acceptance into the program are:

  1. Certificate of Completion from a comprehensive Pilates certification program
  2. Minimum of two years of Pilates teaching experience
  3. Passing the entrance assessment
  4. Completion of the application for THE WORK.

For more information, please contact Dena Drotar (the Teachers Programs Manager) at




Every Spring, Summer and Fall, Vintage Pilates holds PILATES CAMP programs for students interested in learning the Vintage Pilates philosophy. These programs—especially SUMMER PILATES CAMP—are highly recommended for people planning to apply to THE WORK.

  • Schedule Private Lessons or Internet Private Lessons (if you live outside of Southern California) with a Vintage Pilates instructor. All our instructors have either gone through, or are currently in THE WORK program, so they know what is needed to pass the assessments, and can help train and prepare you.
  • Take regular Vintage Pilates group classes. This is a great way to focus on flowing through your exercises and gaining independence, all while working in an intimate intimate group setting with other practitioners.



How is this program structured?

The program is divided into four sections, each covering an aspect of the Pilates repertoire:

    1. The Reformer
    2. The Mat, Magic Circle, Foot corrector, Toe Exerciser, Breath-a-cizer, Sandbag, 2 x 4
    3. The Cadillac, Guillotine, Neck Stretcher and Swedish Bars
    4. The Chairs, Barrels and Pedi-Pole

In each section, participants take:

In addition, participants are required to take the Movement Mechanics workshop, offered every Summer.

Each section must be taken in consecutive order. The entire program must be completed within two years to qualify for a diploma.

How long will I need to be in Los Angeles to complete the requirements for each section?

It is advisable to stay for at least one week to fulfill the required private lessons, Teachers Clubhouses™ and VP classes. Many participants stay longer to take extra lessons.

Will I have to relocate to Los Angeles to take this program?

No. Each section lasts around one week. Many out-of-town participants fly in and stay at nearby hotels for the week. Here is a list of recommended places to stay near the Vintage Pilates studio.

What if I can’t complete my Teachers Clubhouse™ requirements while I’m at the studio?

We allow one Teachers Clubhouse™ per section, to be taken remotely. This can be done through (fee for membership is $19 per month). View a Teachers Clubhouse™, make an online comment, and send us an email about what you learned and how you applied that to your own workout.

Do I need to assess for each section?

Yes. You must pass an assessment to participate in each section.

Are there any studios in my area where I can fulfill my requirements?

No. All requirements must be fulfilled at Vintage Pilates. Internet Private lessons with any Vintage Pilates instructor can count toward your requirements. All VP classes and three Teachers Clubhouses™ per section must be taken at the studio.

Does Vintage Pilates provide accommodations?

Unfortunately, we do not provide accommodations. However, we do have a list of affordable places to stay near our studio, here.

I am a citizen of another country. Does Vintage Pilates provide student visas?

We cannot provide student visas at this time. However, none of our graduates have needed student visas to enter the country for one week visits.

Do I need to speak English to participate in this program?

All Lessons, classes and workshops will be taught in English, so all participants must understand and speak English. We may consider allowing students to hire their own translator, but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

I don’t have GRATZ equipment. Can I still take this program?

Yes. Many of our graduates have trained on other equipment when they were away from Vintage Pilates. Remember that the reason we teach on GRATZ is because it was designed by Joe Pilates to complement his work. Other equipment often prevents you from being able to use the springs, handles, straps, poles, foot bar, etc. to deepen the work of your center. It may take some ingenuity to adapt your equipment to make it as similar as possible to GRATZ. We will help you towards that end.

What is the final interview with Jay Grimes?

It is a 50-minute interview. A chance for you and Jay to discuss anything to do with your experiences in The Work.

What are you looking for in the assessments?

We are looking for your body to show an understanding of the fundamental Pilates principles according to Vintage Pilates: movement and flow, the spine shapes, back connection, seat connection, the two-way stretch, and awareness of how to use the apparatus.

Will I need additional lessons or classes beyond what is required for the program?

Most participants take weekly or bi-weekly lessons (in-studio, or via internet) to fine-tune their understanding of the method, and prepare for each assessment. However, additional lessons are not required.

How much will this program cost me?

The total program cost is $6220. This does not include additional lessons, Teachers Clubhouses™ and assessments that may be recommended. This also does not cover travel and accommodation costs.

How long does this program take?

Although it is possible to complete the program in one year, many participants take up to two years to complete all their requirements. The entire program must be completed within two years to qualify for a diploma.


“Having learned to teach directly from Joe and Clara Pilates, Jay is as close to the source as it gets. So when I heard about the opportunity to learn in a comprehensive way with him I jumped at the chance. It’s been an incredible experience to be a student again in a very small group learning from someone who is as authentic as it gets. The Work has been immeasurably valuable to me as a teacher and a student of Pilates. I’ve gained confidence in my own knowledge and ability to help each and every client that comes to me—it’s not that I didn’t have a vast amount of experience to draw from already, or that I didn’t have the correct idea of how to deal with a particular body issue, the change is that I can see the whole picture so much more simply. If you’re a Pilates Instructor, this is a very special chance to learn the method as it was originally taught, don’t miss it.”

Alisa Wyatt, graduate of The Work, 2011

“Doing The Work with Jay Grimes has allowed me to fall in love with Pilates all over again. I felt I received the most authentic information possible, second only to what Joseph Pilates himself could have provided. After a year of intense personal independent study, private lessons, and community clubhouse™ workouts and discussions, I understood the true essence of each exercise, as well as the overall purpose of Pilates. The weekends of study with Jay Grimes are among the most exhilarating, entertaining, exhausting, and rewarding ones I can remember.”

—Debbie Young, graduate of The Work, 2012

“I am so glad I took The Work. It fundamentally changed the way I teach and practice Pilates. This is a tough program, both physically and mentally. Jay’s high standards pushed me in ways that helped me to reach beyond my personal best. I can feel and see the difference in my body. The combination of workshops, Teachers Clubhouses™, and private sessions with Karen and Sandy added up to be a comprehensive program with personalized attention. “The Work” definitely made me a better teacher!”

—Nancy Chin, graduate of The Work, 2013

“Vintage Pilates’ The Work program has been an amazing journey! To be able to understand and practice the true work of Joseph Pilates is a must to all Pilates Teachers! Master Jay Grimes is amazing! Karen and Sandy are great inspirations and true messengers of the Pilates System.”

—Carla Sottovia, graduate of The Work, 2013

“I have enjoyed my experience as a student of The Work very much. I have enjoyed deepening my knowledge of Pilates through improving my own practice. Throughout The Work there is a a theme that we can understand the exercises more thoroughly through understanding the intent of the exercise. As a student, we are encouraged to think for ourselves and practice independently. The knowledge that we gain, then, is not just rote learning, but learning based on experience and discovery and is a true “adult” learning experience. My teachers at Vintage Pilates have taught me so much and to learn from Jay Grimes is a true honor.”

—Melanie Petri, graduate of The Work, 2013

“This program is so much more than what I expected it to be. But also exactly what I wanted and was looking for. I wanted to delve deeper into the work and I have. I wanted to be challenged and I have been beyond what I thought possible. It has changed the way I teach Pilates. Its been life changing. I have gained Mentors and Pilates friends. The time and money you put into this program is well worth what is gained in return. It will stretch you. It’s a challenging program but if that’s what you’re looking for that’s what you have here. Vintage has become like a Pilates family to me.”

—Tracy Meyer


For out-of-town visitors, here are places to stay near the Vintage Pilates studio:

Holiday Inn Express (0.51 miles from studio)
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Best Western Plus Royal Palace Inn & Suites (0.95 miles from studio)
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The Wilshire Motel (1.7 mile from studio)
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Travelodge Santa Monica (1.8 miles from studio)
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Ocean Park Hotel (2.2 miles from studio)
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L.A. Sky Boutique Hotel (1.17 miles from studio)
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Courtyard Los Angeles Century City/Beverly Hills (2 miles from studio)
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Marriott Beverly Hills

The Ambrose (2.8 miles from studio)
1255 20th St.
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The Brentwood Inn (3.2 miles from studio)
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Hotel Palomar (3.6 miles from studio)
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The Culver Hotel (4.4 miles from studio)
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